Ubombo Sugar Swaziland converting Sugar Cane Trash to Boiler Fuel

Ubombo Sugar Limited in Swaziland (part of Illovo Sugar Group) is one of the major suppliers in the
sugar industry. Their principal activity is the growing and milling of sugar cane from which it produces
about 200 000 tons of raw and refined sugar per annum.

In 2010 BOSCH PROJECTS undertook a major expansion of the Ubombo Sugar Mill at Big Bend Swaziland.
Part of the expansion project was the construction of a boiler and steam turbine for the generation of
electricity from residual cane trash and baggasse.

After running successful trials in the USA at Pitou Sugar Mills in Louisiana of shredding sugar cane trash and sugar cane prep, Bosch Projects selected an Electric Horizontal Grinder for this purpose in the production line of boiler fuel processing.

The waste material left after harvesting the sugar cane, is collected either by hand or mechanical baler
and transported to the mill. Previously the trash was burned in the fields. The cane trash is fed into the
Recycler. A combination of fibrous baggasse and a smaller percentage of the biomass (the
shredded cane trash) is mixed together and stock piled as boiler fuel.

The Ubombo Sugar Mill produces enough electricity to power the mill, the administration buildings, and
subsidiary activities in the area as well as supply electricity “back to the grid “in Swaziland.