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Over the past 16 years the Bandit name has become a recognized and respected brand in the Southern African wood recycling and land clearing industry. The machines are known for their reliability, strength, durability and low maintenance. Bandit Tree Equipment has the machines as well as the knowledge to provide you with the correct machine for turning alien vegetation into bio-mass, trees into mulch, green waste into chip. Shaughn Frost imported the first Bandit machine in 1996. Many thousands of felled trees, tons of wood waste and sugar cane trash have been turned into useful wood chips, boiler fuel, wood pellets, compost and mulch since Bandit machines arrived in Africa

The Trevi Benne range of Woodline and Wood Cracking equipment are hydraulic attachments for excavators which are the perfect accessory to any tree felling and wood harvesting company. The TREE SHEAR has been designed to efficiently GRAB – CUT – STACK trees, brush and shrubs. The WOOD SPLITTER effectively splits the logs already on the ground.
Need to shred high volumes of organic waste? The Bandit Beast Recycler is a hybrid wood chipper that comes in 4 models with options in Diesel or Electric delivering up to 1200 horse power. This converts to a waste processing rate of up to 200 tons per hour.
The Bandit Whole Tree Chipper has been specifically designed to produce a uniform size chip. These machines are ideal for the biomass and wood pellet industries. This one step process converts whole trees to dimensional chip directly discharging into a truck or container, from 5 to 50 truck loads a day.
If you focus on site-clearing without the need to harvest the chips, the Bandit range of Forestry Mowers will provide the most cost-effective solution. They are highly mobile and eliminate the need for first cutting down trees.
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